The Expanded Carpenter Winslow Genealogy

Supporting "The Pennsylvania Winslows" book by Robert Winslow Nay

The following is my expanded genealogy research files of which I based much of my genealogy portion of the book “The Pennsylvania Winslows”. This begins with Kenelm Winslow – our immigrant Winslow brother of Plymouth, Massachusetts and goes for 13 generations. I want to share these files and any and all notes I have, and also very much want to receive your feedback for changes, additions, and more stories and pictures that any of you would further like to share with our Winslow relatives. Perhaps this may become a master source of genealogy and historical information of our Winslow family.

Please send any such information and feedback to me– Bob Nay. I hope you enjoy and find this information useful. Feel free to use for your personal purposes and give appropriate acknowledgement and do not use for any commercial purposes.

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First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
Eighth Generation
Ninth Generation
Tenth Generation
Eleventh Generation