Bennett's Valley & Neighboring Cemeteries

Cemetery listings are a great resource for searching our ancestors. We and other contributors have recently visited many of the cemeteries in the Bennett’s Valley and are providing an as up to date listing as we can. These listings have been reviewed against other information available and added or changed to make these as complete as possible- which none ever will be. The spirit here is to share these listings for all to see- There is no copyrighting of these listings intended- but the contributors wish that these are not copied for any commercial purpose. If you have any that you can contribute that would be great. Send us an email.

Having recently gone to many of these cemeteries we’ve found and learned from other contributors that many of these smaller cemeteries are primarily very old family plots such as Morey, Lewis, Dennison, Rothrock, and Kincaids and are in disrepair. Three of these have but one stone remaining. The Dennison plot has three broken and desecrated grave stones. Hopefully at some future date someone will attempt to upgrade some of these sites. The Potter Goff cemetery on Gray Hill Road only has two readable grave stones. There must be at least twenty gravestones of native rock which have no information except to identify a grave site.