The Winslow Family

The Winslow family line includes many names and interesting stories. It is primarily of English background with family lines traced back to their English immigrants (Winslow, Alden, Mullins, Wadsworth, Colburn, Bradford, Brewster, and Carpenter) who came to America over 350 years ago to the Massachusetts area. After their migration via Maine, many of our pioneering Winslow ancestors resided in Pennsylvania many years.

The Winslow line is very interesting with its ties to Plymouth, the Mayflower Pilgrims, and Colonial America. But contrary to family stories our immigrant ancestor Kenelm did not come over on the Mayflower- his brother , Edward, did. But we do have many direct Mayflower descendants, such as William Bradford, William Brewster, Richard Warren, and John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. They have been involved in the making of Colonial America, the American Revolution, the pioneering lifestyles, and encounters with peaceful and rebellious Indians. 

And for the Pennsylvania ancestors you’ll see many surnames- Winslow, Johnston, London, Hicks, Keene, Callendar- and some interesting notes on each. For me these are the more interesting ancestors because they are closer to me and their lives seem more real- versus the Pilgrim historical figures. They were primarily farmers surviving in a growing America. I’ve known some of them, heard many stories, learned more than I ever suspected, and visited the greater Benezette area many times. This puzzle has been enjoyable- hope you enjoy it also.

I’m sure if we could be listening to our ancestors we’d hear some very interesting stories. Maybe this genealogy will help us “hear” them.