The Indian Mill at Medix Run

Contributed by Jim Burke

There is an Indian Mill located on Little Medix Road. Here at this site of this mill, located near a sizable spring, the Indians apparently used this mill to grind corn into flour. One would assume that they planted corn nearby. The Indians, unlike the white man’s traditional way of planting, the Indians planted their seeds in mounts with a mix of corn, squash, and pumpkins. Erasmus Morey, whose family was the first permanent settlers in the Medix Run area, wrote that when his family first arrived here that Indian planting mounts were still viable in the Benezette area.

For the adventuresome, across the road from the Indian Mill is a cave that the Indians may have used. Some old timers claimed that this cave once served as a hide out for the notorious outlaw Davy Lewis. However, this has never been documented.

Located just a few miles from Route 555, on the Hicks Run Road, next to the stream is what some believe is another Indian corn mill. Over the years many Indian artifacts have found along the branch in the form of arrow heads, flint knives, tomahawks, and other flint object. Many of these artifacts have been found round the ball field in Benezette, long the Bennett’s Branch in Grant, and in the farming fields in the village of Medix Run. The Indians referred to where the village of Benezette is now located as the Salt Lick. They apparently obtained salt here. One old timer claimed that the road leading up the Benezette Cemetery was once known as Salt Lick Hill.

The Little Medix Road connects the Medix Grade Road with the Caledonia Pike Road.