Coal and Coke in the Bennett's Valley

The coal and coke industry was very important in the history of the Bennett’s Valley. Many people are not aware of of the the history of this industry in the Valley. Nor do many people even know what the industry is. But many of our ancestors worked in the coal mines and the coke ovens.

Some of the coke ovens that still exist ( but are not used) are being targeted to be demolished. Some of these ovens are in Tyler and Caledonia. It would be a shame to lose these historical features. The Mt Zion Historical Society is attempting to raise awareness of these issues and would like to see, at least, some of these coke ovens saved to be used as historical educational sites for visitors and school programs. The MZHS will continue its efforts to save these coke ovens, and increase the historical understanding of this important industry to the Valley. Please spread the word and support these efforts as best you can. If you have any stories to share about your ancestors in the coal mines and coke ovens, please send them to Mt Zion Historical Society, Inc.