The Mt. Zion Historical Society

The Mt. Historical Society is a non-profit corporation founded in 1999 for recognizing and preserving the history and pioneer heritage of the Bennett’s Valley area. The Society is managed by a board of directors composed of a group of non-paid volunteers supported by local citizens together with many local organizations that includes but is not limited to The Valley Legion Post #978, The Elk County Vietnam Veterans of America, Boy Scouts of America, and local churches.

Executive Board Members
James Burke 814-787-7823
Joseph McClain
Susan McClintick 814-787-7675
Bob Nay 904-230-0548
Luann Chiappelli
Denise Cuneo 814-787-7368
Gaylon McClintick 814-787-7675
Richard Masson    
Rita Fenice Ovell 814-787-7282
Larry Kunes 814-787-7944  
Erin J. Burke 814-335-5611
Paulette Decourey 814-512-8881
Previous Board Members
Joseph J. Burke
Helen Burke
Peter Kunes
Vera Kunes
Ruth Gregori
Dave Konkle
Donna Innes
Joyce Lee
John “Rabbi” Gray
George Stroup
Rosemary Gray
Larry Wheeler
Rudy Cadori
Kenneth Ovell

Society Meetings

The Mt. Zion Historical Society meets the third Tuesday of each month, except for December, in the basement of the Wesleyan Church in Weedville at 7:00 PM. The general public is invited to attend and encouraged to participate in the meeting. Should you desire e-mail notification of meetings e-mail with your request and you will be placed on the list.