The Mt. Zion Historical Society

The Mt. Historical Society is a non-profit corporation founded in 1999 for recognizing and preserving the history and pioneer heritage of the Bennett’s Valley area. The Society is managed by a board of directors composed of a group of non-paid volunteers supported by local citizens together with many local organizations that includes but is not limited to The Valley Legion Post #978, The Elk County Vietnam Veterans of America, Boy Scouts of America, and local churches.

Executive Board Members
James Burke – President 814-787-7823
Erin Burke – Vice President 814-335-5611
Rita Fenice – Secretary 814-787-7282
Sister John Paul Bauer – Treasurer
Larry Wheeler  
Bernie Rearick
Rose Dunmire
Denise Cuneo 814-787-7368
Richard Masson
Paulette Decourey 814-512-8881

Society Meetings

The Mt. Zion Historical Society meets the third Tuesday of each month, except for December, in the basement of the Wesleyan Church in Weedville at 7:00 PM. The general public is invited to attend and encouraged to participate in the meeting. Should you desire e-mail notification of meetings e-mail with your request and you will be placed on the list.