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The Mt Zion Historical Society is expanding its website to include this online store where you will ultimately be able to purchase special Bennett’s Valley items of interest( books, shirts, mugs, pictures, vet pavers, and your membership etc) over the internet or by mail.

A number of Mt Zion Historical Society and related items are available for purchase.  The sale of these items greatly support the Society. 

Currently each purchase will require you to mail us a check and a order request.

Very Special MZHS Items

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MZHS Memorial Veteran Walkway Paver

These engraved brick pavers will honor your veterans on the beautiful walkways in our Memorial Park

Cost: $65

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“The History of Pennsylvania – Elk Country” by Ralph Harrison

A Special History of the Elk in Bennett’s Valley told by the unique insight of one who has been close to these great animals most of his life- Ralph Harrison.

Item #101 – $18.95

“Pioneers of the Second Fork” by James Burke

This book offers a narrative of the Bennett’s Branch by presenting stories of the early pioneers who came to the Wilds of Pennsylvania to settle.

Item #102 – $19.95

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“Indians Of Clearfield County” by Harry A. Matlack

Prior to 1843 Benezette was part of Clearfield County. Prior to the Revolutionary War this area was Indian territory. Harry Matlack, the author, presents an interesting narrative on the history of the Indians that once lived in these lands.

Item #103 – $17.95

“The Elk County Bucktails” by Robert Winslow Nay

ELK COUNTRY RIFLES is an in-depth history of Company G, of the 42nd Regiment also known Bucktail or First Rifles as they functioned as skirmishers.  Together with profiling the veterans who served in this distinguished company.

Item #104 – $23.95

“Irish Blessings” by Robert Winslow Nay and James Patrick Burke

This book is the genealogy of the Winslow’s, Ovells and Burke families, illustrated with many pictures.

Item #105 – $16.95

“The Legend of the Dent’s Run Lost Gold Shipment” by James P. Burke

This book is a revealing narrative illustrated by numerous maps tracing the route of the lost gold wagons. You will learn the general location, based upon the findings of the author, where the wagon(s) were abandoned, where the skeletons were found, where the pinkertons found 2 1/2 bars of gold, and the locations of their cabin. The author offers related information together with various opinions.

Item #106 – $19.95

“The Elk of Pennsylvania” by Ralph Harrison

Ralph Harrison, the author, was just a young boy living in Dents Run when Colorado Elk were transplanted there. He spent his entire life learning their habits and assisting in developing the Elk herd in what it is today.

Item #107 – $11.95

9“Quehanna” by Ralph Harrison

Long time area resident Ralph Harrison- a well known author, historian, and wild life expert- shares his special insights and stories of the history of our unique area within the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Item #108 – $18.95

“Clark Ingram – Prisoner of War” by Leigh Ingram O’Brian

A World War II POW veteran who spent 33 months in seven German prison camps. He weighed 220 lbs when he was shot down – 82 lbs when liberated.

Item #109 – $9.95

“Gun Trader’s Guide”

This Thirty-Third Edition guide is a complete and fully illustrated guide to modern firearms.

Item #110 – $9.95

“The Pennsylvania Elk Herd Of Today” by Ralph Harrison

Ralph Harrison’s, the author’s, narrative tells of the history of the restoration of the elk herd from 1995 to the year of 2000.

Item #111 – $9.95

7Heroes of Air Power

Heroes of Airpower is a booklet that was printed in conjunction of with a 2011 dedication in the Mt. Zion Historical Park.  The booklet profiles the service of a number of the airmen of Jay & Benezette Townships who served in World War II.

Item #112 – $9.95


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